We are a community!

It’s easy to fall into all the crazy clutters around us, become our to-do-lists, and lose track of our well-being. So we decided to create a community of females who prioritise themselves, by taking care of their SLEEP, STRESS, & MOOD as they go through our busy lives.

Consume Mindfully!

We don’t believe in “commercial consumption”. Self-care and wellness don’t have to be expensive “habits” or “routines”; instead we focus on mindfully spending through select VALUE products that brings us real Joy!

Good for the planet!

We are a naturally sourced company, and believe recycling is THE STATUS QUO. We bring assortments and products that encourage Reduce and Reusing of wellness products. We are mindful of this VERY important value from ideation, design, to last mile delivery. Basically you can see this in our products, their packaging, and the way we deliver to your homes.

Spend Less, Live Better!

At Urban Mood, we believe in small but consistent acts of self-care and our goal is to boost MOOD, take control of our STRESS, SLEEP and really regain our energy to perform more effectively, more intentional, and happier in life.

All to Live Fully in This Crazy World. 🙏🏻