Reading News Intentially

Hello friends,

Long gone those days when our parents (or grand parents) read news papers while having their breakfast each morning. These days, we consume news via different outlets/devices (phone, iPad, laptop, etc) and through numerous platforms on social media (digital news websites, instagram, Twitter, etc).

Starting your days (right off bed) by looking at your phones could be highly disturbing for health, especially with all the recent tragic happenings in the world.

Here are a few habits that can help you start your day with right mood while being up-to-date for the news that matter:

  1. Start using your devices at least 30 minutes after waking up: When we wake up in the mornings, our minds are least prepared and have little control over what NOT to let in and what to consume. So we become the shape of anything we read, if it is good news, we become happy, if it’s sad, we become sad and that’s how our minds will be set for the day. Give yourselves some time before looking at your phones.
  2. Unsubscribe from news sources that consider most news BREAKING NEWS: In order to have your attention, these vicious news sources use a tactic called “interruption”. That means they are willing to interrupt your time only to stand out and feed your brain with news that does not have to be consumed immediately. And so is not BREAKING news. Receiving regular notifications as such can be stressful.
  3. Intentionally follow reliable news accounts on Twitter: There are news accounts that share objective content about the latest local or global news. You will know when you read their posts, they don’t seem to be leaning towards a certain political party or directing you to a certain topic or belief but only report on the facts. (I might write a different post on examples of these accounts one day).
  4. Determine specific time slots for reading news: You do not need to have hourly updates as it can be distracting to our work or daily plans. You can instead pick 2 time slots, one in the morning, and another time for ex early evening. A time that is not so close to your sleep time neither as it can impact quality of your sleep. We need less noise in our minds as we prepare to go to bed and rest.

That’s it, hope these help a little 🙂